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Strengthen Your Back & Improve Your Posture With These 6 Back Strengthening Exercises

A lot of time is spent talking about awesome abs and tight buns – but we forget about the importance of the musculature of the back. Not only does it help support your entire body, a strong back helps create better posture so your tummy looks flatter and your booty looks better.

Strengthen your back & improve your posture with these 6 back strengthening exercises

Here are 6 exercises guaranteed to strengthen your back and improve your posture…

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Want a slim, sexy body but no time to workout?
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Full Body Kettlebell Workout Routine To Sculpt Strong, Sexy Muscles All Over

When you’re looking for an exercise program that will hit all your major muscle groups plus burn calories and boost your metabolism, look no further than the kettlebell.

Here’s a collection of kettlebell exercises that will strengthen and tone your whole body…

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5 Core Workouts For Women To Sculpt A Tight, Sexy Midsection

Every woman has one part of her body that she really wants to change – but nearly all women wish they could improve their waistline!

5 core workouts for women to sculpt a tight, sexy midsection

If you’re looking for exercises that will help firm and shape your midsection, we’ve got you covered. Here are 5 core exercises that will sculpt and define your tummy and waist…

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3 popular workouts that could kill you
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Sexy Hourglass Figure Workout Routine

Beyonc√©, Scarlet Johansson, Marilyn Monroe – what’s the one thing they all have in common? A rocking hourglass figure. Sure, you can wear a girdle or Spanx to force your body to conform, but why not reshape it with the right workout?

Sexy hourglass figure workout routine

The following exercises will tighten your core while defining your shoulders and toning your booty to help give you luscious curves…

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Shoulder Workout Routine For Sexy & Shapely Shoulders

There’s no denying how good a pair of solid rounded shoulders look when shown off in a hot little number such as tight black dress, tank top, or tube top. And yes, you still have time to work on getting those admiring stares before the warm weather is over.

Shoulder workout routine for sexy & shapely shoulders

Use the following shoulder workout regime to fast track your way to a pair of highly defined delts…

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