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5 Best Full Body Kettlebell Workouts For Women

When you haven’t got a lot of time to spend at the gym, kettlebell training is a great way to both strengthen muscles and burn calories.

5 best full body kettlebell workouts for women

We’ve put together 5 exercises that, when used together, target every major muscle group while boosting your metabolism…

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6 Best Leg Workouts For Women

There’s this misconception that the only way to get strong, toned legs is to do a lot of leg work with weights at the gym. The truth? Your own body weight is sufficient to give you sexy, sculpted legs – if you use it the right way!

6 best leg workouts for women

You can do all 6 of these leg-toning exercises with no extra equipment, so if you start now there’s no excuse for not having beach-perfect legs by this summer’s bikini season!

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5 Exercises To Tone Upper Arms

All ladies want better looking and toned upper arms – even the regular gym goers. Achieving definition in the upper arms can be achieved but it does require a focused effort.

5 exercises to tone upper arms

Thankfully, the following 5 exercises do precisely that and all it takes is a few minutes extra each week on top of your regular routine…

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3 popular workouts that could kill you
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Total Body Plank Workout Routine To Sculpt An Hourglass Body You’ve Always Dreamed Of

It may look simple but the plank is one of the few exercises which gives every muscle in the body a good workout.

Total body plank workout routine to sculpt an hourglass body you've always dreamed of

The following workout moves focuses on the plank to work not just your abs but also your thighs, butt, arms, and shoulders – so get planking…

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