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5 Hip Stretches To Increase Flexibility, Reduce Discomfort, And Prevent Injury

Most people suffer from tight hips on occasion – from runners and cyclists to desk jockeys and aspiring ballerinas.

5 hip stretches to increase flexibility, reduce discomfort, and prevent injury

You can treat this part of your body to a little extra TLC with the following hip stretches which will reduce your discomfort, increase your flexibility, and help you avoid injury…

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6 Essential Stretching Exercises For Runners

Most runners want to save time and get straight into a run without performing any stretching exercises.

6 essential stretching exercises for runners

But what good is that small amount of time saved going to do you if you do yourself an injury, one that could very likely have been prevented if your muscles and joints were warm and limber.

Here’s a good stretching routine that will prevent the majority of the most common injuries associated with running…

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5 Neck Strengthening Exercises To Strengthen & Injury-Proof Your Neck

With the muscle and joints in your neck controlling all of the movements of your head, such as nodding and rotation, your neck muscles can become tense and sore if you hold your head in an awkward position for any length of time.

5 neck strengthening exercises to strengthen & injury-proof your neck

That said, here are 5 simple exercises when, completed daily, will keep your neck strong and supple and capable of its full range movement…

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3 popular workouts that could kill you
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5 Exercises For Knee Pain Relief

There’s any number of reasons why your knees may be giving you grief, but whatever the cause, it is through exercising and controlling your weight that will help ease your suffering the most.

5 exercises for knee pain relief

Use the following exercises to reduce your symptoms and prevent problems from re-occurring…

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