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5 Must-Do Leg Exercises For Runners To Improve Your Running Performance While Minimizing Risk Of Injuries

You’ll no doubt enjoy the benefits of running over the long term. There are many including toned legs, and lean muscle being perhaps the most obvious of them. However, just getting out and running is not all there is to running.

5 must-do leg exercises for runners to improve your running performance while minimizing risk of injuries

To get the most out of your running sessions, you should also include the following 5 lower body exercises to increase your strength (which reduces your chance of injury), and improve your running performance.

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Stomach Workouts For Women: Flatten Your Belly With These 5 Moves

It’s safe to say that most women, when considering all of their body parts, would like to improve the look of their midsections the most.

Stomach workouts for women: Flatten your belly with these 5 moves

Unfortunately for women, the female metabolism tends to store body fat in this area; which makes it one of the biggest challenges for women to overcome in terms of body fat reduction.

We said challenge; we don’t say impossible. Use the 5 exercises below to engage the abs and work your core. Combined with a fat loss regime your stomach will be looking firm and toned in no time…

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