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Follow This Full Body Stretching Routine To Keep Your Entire Body Flexible

There’s no denying the importance of a stretching routine being incorporated into any fitness routine.

Follow this full body stretching routine to keep your entire body flexible

Regular stretching improves your overall range of motion, and increases circulation. It can also have a calming effect on your mind. When you combine all of these benefits, your body is in a good position to ward off illness and injuries, and possibly also improve your night’s sleep.

We love all of those things and we think you will too, so we’ve created the ultimate full-body stretching routine to enable you to take full advantage of what a good stretch can do for you. Anybody can do this routine; whether they are a complete beginner, or advanced veteran.

Always remember to warm up before exercising and never take a stretch to the point of pain…

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5 Essential Foot Strengthening Exercises (You Need To Know) To Stay Injury-Free

You may not think of them often, but your feet take a lot of wear and tear every day. They absorb the shock of hundreds or thousands of steps, help us maintain balance and get us everywhere we need to go.

5 essential foot strengthening exercises (you need to know) to stay injury-free

Unfortunately we don’t always take good care of our feet, which can open us up to a host of problems ranging from shin splints and fallen arches all the way up to back and neck pains.

But you can help strengthen your feet and improve range of motion and flexibility – these 5 exercises will help you do it…

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5 Yoga Poses For Neck Pain

With so many of us sitting hunched over at our desks, staring at computer screens all day, it’s no wonder that at some point most of us are going to experience some form of neck pain. It’s not just office workers at risk either, as hours spent in traffic, or even slouching on the couch during the evening’s television, can all lead to a pain in the neck.

5 yoga poses for neck pain

If your neck is feeling a little crimped, check out these 5 yoga poses which can all help by providing some relief…

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On-The-Go Workout: 6 Do-Anywhere Top-To-Bottom Moves To Help Your Body Stay Sexy

If you travel a lot with your job, there are a lot of reasons to skip your regular workouts: a busy schedule, jet lag or even poorly equipped hotel gym may be all it takes to throw you off.

On-the-go workout: 6 do-anywhere top-to-bottom moves to help your body stay sexy

However, jet lag and fast food are two reasons why you should be even more exigent about getting those sessions in. That’s why we’ve put together some exercises that fit in with your travel schedule. You can fit them into any free time you might have, and there’s no need for a gym or equipment.

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