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Strength Training For Runners: Incorporate These 6 Moves To Help You Run Faster And Longer

Running well isn’t just about putting one foot in front of the other. You can dramatically improve your running by adding strength to the muscles responsible for putting your feet to the pavement. With added strength comes more power; plus you’ll be less likely to suffer running related injuries.

Strength training for runners: Incorporate these 6 moves to help you run faster and longer

This circuit is designed to target the muscles which move your legs. Do each routine without pausing in between exercises. Once you have finished the entire circuit, you can rest for a minute before moving into the next.

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5 Exercises To Get Rid Of Arm Flab

You can experience flabby arms when excess fat and loose skin is allowed to build up in the upper arm. It’s possible to reduce this condition with a few regular exercises that are designed to strengthen and build the triceps (muscles at the back of the upper arm).

5 exercises to get rid of arm flab

Listed below are 5 exercises specifically created to do just this, and build up the triceps and biceps for nicely toned arms…

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7 Best Body Weight Exercises For Fat Loss

Working towards a firm and sculpted body doesn’t require an expensive gym membership, or even fancy equipment that takes up too much room in your apartment. You can tone and firm up your entire body with these 7 exercise moves which require nothing more than your own body weight providing the resistance.

7 best body weight exercises for fat loss

Do each exercise one after the other without pause in between until you have finished the entire circuit. Once you have completed a circuit, you can allow yourself a short break of 60 seconds before moving into the next. Try to finish 2-3 circuits in total.

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Get Shapely Legs With These 5 Leg Workouts For Women At Home… No Weights Required!

Many of us don’t have the time to make use of a gym membership, and many of us don’t have the luxury of being able to afford it either.

Get shapely legs with these 5 leg workouts for women at home... No weights required!

However, this is doesn’t mean you can use that as an excuse to not have shapely toned legs. All you need is your own body weight to give your legs the workout they need (with these 5 workout moves)… and all without barbells, dumbbells, or any of that fancy gym equipment at all.

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