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5 Must-Try Shoulder Exercises For Women

Ladies, we know that we all want gorgeous legs and a butt like Beyonc√©’s. And you probably spend most of your time in the gym doing squats and lunges to tone and firm those areas.

5 must-try shoulder exercises for women

But while we’re tightening our tushies, we’re often forgetting about the rest of our bodies. Many of us worry about overdeveloping our arms and upper body, but the reality is that broader shoulders help create the illusion of a smaller, hourglass-shaped waistline and also balance out wider hips.

With that in mind, here are 5 exercises that will help tone and sculpt your shoulders so your whole body looks sexy and sleek…

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Full Body Workout With Resistance Bands: 5 Moves To Sculpt Your Body

Have you ever exercised with resistance bands? They’re such a versatile piece of equipment – easy to carry, easy to store, easy to use anywhere and by any fitness level.

Full body workout with resistance bands: 5 moves to sculpt your body

You can use resistance bands in place of weights or workout machines for a complete full body workout. In fact, the 5 resistance band exercises we have here will help you tone your entire body…

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The “Short Shorts” Workout: Score Slim Thighs & A Tight Butt With These 5 Lower Body Workout Moves

Are you one of those people who dreads summer’s heat, and the short shorts and skirts that go with it? You don’t have to be nervous about showing off those lovely legs!

The 'short shorts' workout: Score slim thighs & a tight butt with these 5 lower body workout moves

We’ve got 5 exercises for you that will get your thighs toned, your butt tight and every part of you ready for skimpy summer clothes! So get to working out, and get ready to show off some skin!

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Tank Top Workout: 5 Moves To Sculpt Toned, Defined, And Lean Arms

Summer means lots of short sleeve and sleeveless tops, which can be a scary thought if your upper arms are out-of-shape and flabby. After all, no one wants to have “bat wing” flapping in the wind!

Tank top workout: 5 moves to sculpt toned, defined, and lean arms

We’ve got 5 exercises for you that are guaranteed to get your arms in perfect shape so you can show them off all summer long…

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