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Full Body Dumbbell Workout Routine: 5 Moves To Burn Big-Time Calories And Tone Your Entire Body

We all have our reasons for not working out, but this routine puts an end to them all! All you need is a dumbbell set (1-3 pounds, whatever is more comfortable for you) to do these five exercises that will get every major muscle group.

Full body dumbbell workout routine: 5 moves to burn big-time calories and tone your entire body

No need to spend time going to the gym, you can do this at home so get ready to burn calories and tone up…

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Want a slim, sexy body but no time to workout?
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Keep Knee Injuries At Bay With These 5 Knee Strengthening Exercises

One risk of repetitive exercise is damaged caused to the knees. Every time you take a step, run or jump, your knee helps to absorb the shock of landing. If your leg muscles aren’t strong enough to absorb those shocks, the joint can become damaged.

Keep knee injuries at bay with these 5 knee strengthening exercises

We recommend these 5 exercises which will help strengthen this critical muscle group and reduce your chance of injury…

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Thin Thighs Workout: 5 Effective At-Home Exercises To Blast Fat Off Your Thighs

Large thighs are the bugbear of women all over the world as many are of the opinion their thighs are a couple of sizes too large (even if sometimes they are not!).

Thin thighs workout: 5 effective at-home exercises to blast fat off your thighs

Don’t fret about going to the gym if you’d like to take action against your chubby thighs. All you need are these 5 exercises that you can do at home. You’ll be showing them off in your favorite pair of shorts in no time…

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3 popular workouts that could kill you
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Exercises For Bigger Breasts: 5 Moves To Perk Up Your Boobs

The bad news is there are no exercises which can actually increase the size of the breasts themselves – they are mostly comprised of fat and mammary glands, so there is no muscle tissue to exercise.

Exercises for bigger breasts: 5 moves to perk up your boobs

But the good news is that you can tone and enlarge the pectoral muscles which lie under the breasts. Doing so will give the appearance of breasts which are not only larger, but firmer and perkier.

Here are 5 exercises for your pectoral muscles that will help to lift your breasts while pushing them out, so they will look larger…

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6 At-Home Bodyweight Exercise Routine

Are you looking for a workout you can do at home without having to spend money on machines or equipment? If so, then this series of exercises is for you! This routine is simple but effective, helping to increase strength while boosting metabolism…

6 at-home bodyweight exercise routine

This routine is simple but effective, helping to increase strength while boosting metabolism…

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