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5 Medicine Ball Workout Moves To Tone Every Inch Of Your Body

The humble medicine ball is a versatile device for helping to build lean muscle, tone your whole body, and create cutting board abs.

5 medicine ball workout moves to tone every inch of your body

Use these 5 medicine ball exercises so you can burn off large fat stores, and increase your core strength.

You’ll achieve best results if you complete this routine at least 2 times (preferably 3) a week. Rest on alternate days to give your muscles time to recover and build.

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Want a slim, sexy body but no time to workout?
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Get Thin, Toned Legs With These 5 Exercises For Upper Thighs

All the girls seem to be wearing those super short denim shorts these days. If you’ve got it then flaunt it… right? But what if the shorts are a little too revealing for comfort?

Get thin, toned legs with these 5 exercises for upper thighs

Well, now is the time to start pounding out the lunges and jumping jacks to put all those saggy bits back where they belong. Use these 5 exercises to get you on the road to a nicely toned backside and look your best in those shorty shorts again.

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Want A Smaller Waist? Perform These 5 Waist Slimming Exercise Moves

This century and the last has seen the slim waist become a dominant feature of an attractive woman, as evidenced not just by the latest female stars who always seem to make the most attractive list, but also by legends of the silver screen in days of yore.

Want a smaller waist? Perform these 5 waist slimming exercise moves

If you’re after a waist that’s a couple of sizes smaller than the one you have now, then get moving with these 5 waist slimming exercises…

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3 popular workouts that could kill you
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Whole Body Workout At Home: 7 Moves To Zap Excess Body Fat & Tone Up Your Entire Body

Lacking time to do a complete workout at the gym? No problem, we’ve got you covered.

Whole body workout at home: 7 moves to zap excess body fat & tone up your entire body

Grab yourself a couple of dumbbells and an exercise mat for these 7 quick and simple workout routines that will ramp up your metabolism, and burn off those excess carbs. No gym required.

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