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5 Exercises To Eliminate Back Fat

Is there anything more frustrating that back fat? Those stubborn rolls that love to pop-out from above or below your bra strap, giving you that lumpy look from behind – argh!

5 exercises to eliminate back fat

Fortunately, we do have some exercises that will help you firm that area, decreasing the appearance of back fat – and firm up your bum as well! Add these 5 exercises to your current routine…

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5 Jump Rope Workout Moves To Melt Fat And Lose Weight Fast

Remember back to the good times you and your friends had in the school yard with nothing more than a jump rope for your entertainment. You may not have known it then (or even cared) but you were actually giving yourself a great cardio workout for building strong bones, strengthening the core, toning the legs, and improving your balance.

5 jump rope workout moves to melt fat and lose weight fast

Get that old jump rope out of storage and use these 5 workout moves to help your burn through that fat, build up your endurance, and tone your entire body. Best results will be achieved if you manage to squeeze in 3 to 5 routines a week.

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Hamstring Workouts For Women: 5 Must-Do Exercises To Build Strong & Shapely Hamstrings

The hamstring muscles are to the legs what the biceps are to the arms. For this reason, many workouts have been designed to shape and tone this area – especially for women who have a natural tendency to store fat in their thighs.

Hamstring workouts for women: 5 must-do exercises to build strong & shapely hamstrings

This article outlines 5 key exercises which have been chosen by professional trainers as an excellent strategy for targeting the hamstrings in order to build and strengthen them. Practice these regularly and you’ll be sporting knockout thighs before you know it!

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Upper Body Workout With Dumbbells: Flaunt Your Sexy, Toned Upper Body In Your Favorite Beachwear With These 5 Moves

While you’re working on sculpting your tummy and bum, don’t forget how important it is to keep your upper body strong and toned too! Especially during these summer days, while you’re wearing sleeveless tops, bikinis and tank tops, you want your arms and upper body to be sleek and sexy.

Upper body workout with dumbbells: Flaunt your sexy, toned upper body in your favorite beachwear with these 5 moves

These 5 exercises will help you work on a strong and toned upper body – and a pair of dumbbells is the only equipment you’ll need…

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5 Best Full Body Workout Routine Without Weights

Maintaining a gym membership can really put a strain on the family budget at times. Also, if you don’t happen to own any free weights of your own, you can use the next best thing; your own body weight.

5 best full body workout routine without weights

Your own bodyweight can give you more than enough resistance for building endurance, strength, and toned muscles. Best of all, you can do it anywhere. Hence, a full body workout using nothing but your own body is great to have in your fitness arsenal – especially if you travel and spend a lot of time in hotel rooms.

You’ll see the best results if you can crank through this routine at least 3 times a week for 3 weeks. Increase the intensity over time by ramping up the number of reps and the number of sets. After you’ve made it through the first 2 weeks, you might be amazed at the level of energy you now have to get through the day. You also might notice you’ve had to go up a notch in your belt as well!

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5 Ankle Strengthening Exercises For Better Balance & Performance

The ankles are often forgotten about as far as working out goes, but given how much support of the body they are responsible for then they probably should form at least part of the strength training focus. Sturdy ankles will help prevent injury and provide support during most physically active sports such as soccer or tennis. They’ll even improve your chances of getting to that train which is about to pull away from the station, and making you late for work.

5 ankle strengthening exercises for better balance & performance

It’s easy to add a routine specifically for the ankles as only a couple of minutes a day will keep the injuries at bay. If you’ve been neglecting your ankles for just about forever, then check out the following 5 ankle building routines for building strength…

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5 Best Biceps Workout Moves For Sleek Arms

Guys don’t have sole rights over bicep exercises for creating nice looking arms. Girls who want to look their best in tight tank tops, or skimpy black dresses need to focus on this area just as much as any other parts of their body.

5 best biceps workout moves for sleek arms

Use the following 5 routines regularly to get the biceps you’ve always dreamed of. All you need is a pair of dumbbells to get started. You aren’t going to build massive guns with these exercises, but instead are simply focusing on sculpting and toning for a sexier look.

Do these exercises 2 to 3 times a week and you’ll be seeing results in no time. Skip at least 48 hours between sets so you give your muscles plenty of time for repair and recuperation…

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No Equipment? No Problem! 6 No Equipment Exercises To Workout Your Entire Body

“I don’t have time!”

“I don’t have the equipment!”

Do these excuses sound familiar to you? Well no more! We’ve got a great full-body workout for you that you can do just about anywhere with no special equipment needed!

No equipment? No problem! 6 no equipment exercises to workout your entire body

One warning – these exercises are not easy! But if you want a hardcore body, you’ve got to do a hardcore workout!

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Best Lower Body Workout Moves For A Sexy Butt & Sleek, Sculpted Legs

The largest muscles in the human body are found in the legs and glutes, so it pays to give them a good workout for more than just cosmetic reasons. Working these large muscle groups can help to boost your metabolism, and burn through a massive chunk of carbs.

Best lower body workout moves for a sexy butt & sleek, sculpted legs

Health benefits aside, most of us also want to look good, so in this article, you’ll find 5 of the best glutes and leg workouts to really sculpt and tone your legs…

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Want A Tight, Sexy Midsection? Perform These 5 Core Strengthening Exercises

A muscular, toned core is a sure sign of a strong healthy body. While many seem to think of the core as the abdomen, it’s actually pretty much the entire trunk – your body except for the arms and legs.

Want a tight, sexy midsection? Perform these 5 core strengthening exercises

While it’s great to work the abs to get that six pack that everyone loves, the rest of your core muscle groups are just as important for strength, balance, and general good health.

We’ve gathered 5 perfect exercises that anyone can do which exercises every part of your core – and the only equipment you need is an exercise mat! For best results, you should do this entire workout 3 days a week, skipping a day in between.

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